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Our Creative Talent.
A place where crazy people live.

Meet the Mavericks of Wrogn Media – the Digital Disruptors, the Creative Innovators, the Boundary Breakers, the ones who've embarked on a quest to redefine the digital landscape. We're not just another agency; we're the architects of digital revolutions.

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Singh- Founder (Wrogn Media)

Introducing Vivek Singh, the Maestro of Wrogn Media – where creativity meets strategy, and innovation flows through his veins. If digital marketing were a symphony, he'd be the maestro, orchestrating every note of success. In a world where clicks and conversions rule, Vivek wields his keyboard like a magic wand, crafting campaigns that resonate, engage, and leave a lasting impression.

Brain: Digital Marketing, Brand Building, Creative Designing, Creative Writing

Heart: Writer, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Rapper, Lyricist

Sai Shyam
Sai Shyam (Co-founder, Wrogn Media)

In this grand narrative of marketing, Sai Shyam is not just a co-founder; he's the storyteller, the muse, and the North Star, lighting the way for his team to create marketing magic that leaves an indelible mark on the world. If "marketing" were a thrilling adventure, Sai Shyam would be the swashbuckling hero, wielding data like a sword and creativity like magic.

Brain: Digital Marketing, Brand Creation, CRM & Marketing Automation Geek

Heart: Story Teller, Witty, Traveler, Communicator, Adventurous

Rittika Jha
Rittika Jha (Client Communication- Wrogn Media)

Rittika Jha, the client whisperer of Wrogn Media, is the agency's very own Sorceress of Communication. If "client satisfaction" were a treasure chest, she'd have it locked up tight with her charm and wit. Her emails and phone calls are like love letters from Cupid himself, forging unbreakable bonds with clients.

Brain: Operational Management and Analysis, Client Communication, Project Coordinator

Heart: Ambivert, Listener, Humorous, Traveler, Communicator

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